6 Tips to Generate Leads Online…using a survey

Everybody knows that leveraging the internet is the most efficient way to do Marketing. And the most important thing of doing online marketing for a company is to generate more Leads.

Here are 6 tips of how to generate more leads online:

1. Questions. Define the criteria of being a lead for your company. Interest? Time frame? (Budget?). You need to build the online  question base on the result you want to get from your potential customer.

2. Build Online Survey. Since you have fully prepared the questions you want to ask. Put them together and build a survey with your company’s logo and masthead banner. And please DO include the lead related questions in your Survey.

3. Thank you page. You need to prepare a Thank you page, not only to thank the people who take the online survey but lead them to the link you want them to after they click the submit button.

4. Post your online survey. Post your survey to the place who people may highly interest. e.g. LinkedIn Group, Facebook, or even blast a batch of email to reach the potential customer. The more related people or people who have the same interest the more leads may be generated by this survey.

5. Offer. Not everyone has an interest in taking themselves out of their comfort zone, especially you ask detail questions in survey. If you still want to get response from them, GIVE THEM A REASON! Offer is always needed. from white paper download to gift with company’s logo depends the target audience.

6. Follow up. After your online survey campaign finished, please do review the responses and do the follow up action not only for positive lead response, but for all people who responded. You can call them to make a official thanks or confirm the contact information to deliver gift, some leads hiding in there, believe me.


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