How to market yourself in a recession!

Today I will  talk about “How to market yourself as a writer in a recession!”

How do you get those clients to reach into their pockets and spend their money on your products or services?

The answer:

Well you must first start by revamping your whole marketing strategy.

How I here you ask?

Well start by looking at all your reports and business documents, who are you marketing to right now?  Who is your target audience?  Where is your demographics aimed at? These are a couple of things that we are going to concentrate on today.  I don’t want to overload you with information so we will just concentrate on these two things for now.

Revamping your marketing strategy can be a lucrative mode of money in the pocket.  If say, you use social media sites to get your name out there writing blogs for example then use it, but don’t abuse it.  If you want to write a blog to advertise your website then do it, it is great way of advertising and a lot of high profile clients read blogs.  They like to find good writers this way and they can see the writing style of that particular writer and judge accordingly.

I have gotten high profile clients from writing my blogs and its been very lucrative.

BUT don’t write for $5 per 500 words as it decreases your value as a writer and it won’t let the newbie writers get a luck in for the future.

I charge minimum $75 for a  500 word article no more no less and that is if I am feeling generous. If I want to make real money I charge no less than $150 per 500 words

I know this recession does not help, but you can’t degrade yourself by lowering your prices and writing for peanuts. The recession won’t last long (hopefully) and then what? Your clients  still want to pay you what you have been receiving, so then what do you do? It defeats the purpose of  charging anything at all, if you are going to write for $5 per the 500 words.

The other topic is about demographics: Where are you targeting your articles and sales writing? Are you putting your effort into using different social media sites, or having your own website and there is no excuses as there are a lot of free places where you can host a site until you start making some good money.

In Google search put in “Hosting websites for free” Or ” free website hosting” there are a lot of response that come up.  And get yourself  a website then advertise that website on blogs,   become a affiliate  marketer and promote other products online on your site. It well worth it. any getting back to demographics, make sure you are targeting the right area you want to write in.

Well that is it for today got to get back to my marketing and writing sales letters for my clients. See you tomorrow for another blog , which will be about “How to get the lucrative clients that you want”

Take care and best wishes,

Would also love to hear your comments…


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